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Mr. LINK Verbuvaše investigator Sir Lionel Frost, go find your lost family members in the legendary valley of Shangri-La. Along with the fourteen days of adventure Adelina, this threesome of explorers travel the world to help Your new friend.

Director: Chris Butler author: Chris Butler stars: Zoe Balances, Hugh Jackman, Emma Thompson

Charismatic Sir Lionel Frost is the most important global explorer of myths and monsters. The problem is that not one of your higher societies recognize colleagues who look like. Sir Lionel’s last chance to be accepted by the elite of adventure, based on a voyage to America’s northwest Pacific, to prove the existence of a legendary creature. A living remnant of the man’s primitive battle with the DEA. The connection to the wrong.

It is in a world like ours, but completely occupied by animals, stars sing Buster Moon, a brave koala that once for a great theater that has fallen in difficult times. Buster is a perpetual optimist — well, maybe a little scam — she loves over all the theater and will do anything to keep it. Now, faced with the breakup of his lifeless ambition, he has one last chance to restore his jewel fading to his former glory, producing the greatest singing competition in the world.

Tired of a life in the Pacific Northwest, Mr Link-8 meters high and covered with sheets-fearless explorer recruits Sir Lionel Frost takes you on a journey to your long-lost family members in the legendary valley of Shangri-La. Along with adventurer Adelina Kvinzena, finds the troika that they have a fair portion of the danger as they travel to the distant corners of the world. Through all of this they learn that sometimes you can have a family of places you least expect.

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