Welcome Innovators, Creators, Game Changers, and Disruptors. Do you have what it takes to join the next generation of global high impact entrepreneurs? Through its international network of experienced members, partners, and contacts, PRBI (PR Boutiques International) accelerator can help solve your communications problems. PRBI members are public relations and marketing communications agencies that represent organizations in many different industries and in countries around the world.


Our Vision

Stays True To Our Guiding Principles

Improving and broadening the communications of the world’s most talented innovators is a way to put our guiding principles (Personal Attention, Efficiency, Focus, and Accountability) into action. PRBI members have the skills, resources and desire to help industry-changing businesses communicate effectively and accommodate growth in long-term prosperity, both locally and globally.



No matter how technologically advanced the world becomes, we believe great things happen through human connections. We focus on building authentic relationships that will last a lifetime.

In-Kind Products & Services

Receive $50,000+ USD of free, in-kind services from our network partners. Services and assistance your venture needs to fast-track your innovative venture and change the world!

Networking Opportunities

The PRBI Accelerator program connects you with subject matter experts and PRBI partner agencies that can help provide communications and/or business development resources your venture needs globally.

Investor Credibility

PRBI knows how investors think, and what they are interested in. Completing the Accelerator Program will significantly increase your credibility in the eyes of funds, who follow our program.

World Class Mentorship

Receive personal advice and venture guidance from our Program Leadership Team. PRBI members are amongst the best minds in communications across the globe with extraordinary access to collective knowledge.

The Ultimate

Join a group of like-minded innovators and build relationships with PRBI’s members. PRBI is an international network of independent consultancy firms in 15 countries.

Whats Next?

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2. Complete An Application Form

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3. Conduct An Interview

Once your application is submitted and reviewed by our Team Leaders, invitations for a video interview will be sent out on a rolling basis.


“We work amongst an additional 36 CEOs from some of the world finest strategic communications companies under an umbrella of PR Boutiques International. All passionate to share their knowledge and experience with you.”


Lee Weinstein

Former NIKE, Inc. communications director Lee Weinstein experienced such great results partnering with boutique PR agencies that he decided to start one himself.  Weinstein PR specializes in consumer and …

Pawel Osowski

Pawel is an entrepreneur, product strategist and investor. He graduated from the Warsaw University, faculty of Law and the University of Florida, Levin College of Law. Pawel participated in an Executive MBA …

Kai vom Hoff

Kai vom Hoff, MBA, is Managing Director of vom Hoff Kommunikation GmbH, Düsseldorf, which was founded by Werner vom Hoff in 1970. After an internship in 1986-87, Kai enrolled at university to do an MBA in …

Amanda Foley

A creative thought is never far off, whether brainstorming client initiatives or finding ways to innovate and evolve in a rapidly changing industry. Amanda oversees Kiterocket’s food and beverage practice while …

Peter Keijzer

Lubbers De Jong is an Amsterdam-based consultancy that uses communications and PR as strategic instruments to build strong relationships between brands and the public. The company lives …

Julia Labaton

A communications strategist with 20 years of experience, Julia’s reputation in the lifestyle PR industry precedes her. She is known for intelligent counsel, creative strategies and award-winning results. Launching RED …

Dave Richardson

His insights and objectivity have successfully helped organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises, find their voice and connect with their constituents, from consumers to strategic business partners. As one of …

Lucy Siegel

Lucy came to consulting after 40 years in communications. She started with journalism, then shifted into corporate communications and then finally moved into the PR agency world. She has worked for six …

Judith Huss

Judith Huss established Huss-PR-Consult in 2001 in the German media and IT-hotspot Munich. She consults large international corporations and smaller ventures with an equally targeted, smart, strategic …

Paul Furiga

Paul Furiga is chief storyteller, founder and CEO of WordWrite Communications. In 2013, Paul was honored by the Pittsburgh chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) with The Renaissance Hall of Fame …

Amy Rotenberg

As founder and president of Rotenberg Associates, Inc., Amy has more than 20 years of legal, crisis management, media relations, and strategic communications experience. Amy serves her …

Debbie Hagen

Founded in 1992, Hagen and Partners successfully uses a creative blend of public relations, targeted direct marketing and strategic communications to help its clients stand out from the competition. From young …

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